Hello…My name is Shelly Sherwood and David is my husband.  We have attended

MDT for over 10 years and here is our adoption story.


Have you ever wondered about foster care or adoption? Well, David and I

have. We decided to open our home up for foster care children, because we

felt lead by the lord to help the children in need.


David and I each had a rough paths as youth so we felt we could relate to

them. So, we attended PATH classes for a while (about six weeks) to get certified

and had a home study done in order for us to receive children into our home, as

well as so other things the state requires for you to do in other to become foster



In February 2010, the state approved us to become foster parents. David and

I were overjoyed, but scared at the same time to the unknown about what issues

we would have to encounter with the foster care children.


Foster care children get pulled away from their guardian: whether it be birth mother/father, or grandparent.

Some of the reasons children get removed could be neglect of a(n) child/ren, drug use in the home,

or sexual/physical abuse. But it does not happen overnight, CPS(Children Protective Services)

get word about something that is not right in the home. After that they follow the child/ren for a while before

CPS makes the final choice to remove the child/ren.


In March 2010, we got our first call. We received three children: ages 6

(boy), 8 (boy), 12 (girl). The children stay with us for 6 month and returned to their

birth mother. While in our home, they received therapy over the issues they were

facing and we took the children to church to help with their spiritual life as well.


CPS tries their best to bring family back together regardless of the issues. But,

while the children are in foster care, the guardian has to go through steps to

improve their issues also. Several court hearings have to occur during this time as

well. In the end, it is up to CPS and the courts to make the final choice to place the

child/ren back into the home.


After our first set of children went home, we received another call in March

  1. CPS needed to place a set of 4 children: 2 boys and 2 girls. At this time, we

did not know about one of the children because she was not born yet (she was born

in November). The boys ages were 14 months, 24 months and the girl 8 years old.

CPS informed us that these set of children might be adoptable, but it was still

unsure at this time. These children got removed because of physical and sexual

abuse from their birth father and mother. David and I started praying “Whatever

Jesus. What your will is for these children you let it be. As we went to court hearing and

visitations with the birth mother, things would flip flop, back and forth. We did not

know what was happening in regards to whether the children would stay with us or return

to their birth mother. When the children got placed into our home the courts ended

the parental rights of the birth father.


In January 2012, the courts made the choice

to remove the parental rights of the birth mother. Over the time the children got

placed with us in March, the birth mother did not make a lot of progress the CPS

and court was looking for. During this time, we took care of the children like they

were already ours. Keeping faith that Jesus would help these children with

anything they needed.


In July 2012, David and I made the decision to adopt these children. We

prayed the Lord’s will be done regardless the outcome. When we found out the

parental rights were gone, we knew then the Lord placed them with us forever.

Regardless of the issues we would have to encounter as they grow up, we knew

they would forever be our children.


Now in 2019 our children are 7, 9, 10, and 16. Our children have grown so

much, believing in Jesus, having faith that their outcome would not be ruined by

their horrible past.


Now, I will have to say over the years it has not always been

easy, but by the grace of Jesus he has always helped us make it through. Even

though the children were small, you would think neglect would not affect them but it

did affect them. We have worked through many issues and Jesus has been there every



Jesus has moved mountains that we thought could not be moved. The outcome Jesus has given my children is bright and beautiful.

Our children know that we will never leave them or neglect them.


When we adopted our children, we made a promise with Jesus.  If He would help us raise them, we would forever be thankful and  

we would show them what true love and caring for someone feels like.  We promised to enrich their lives by helping put Jesus word

inside of their hearts and to show them that Jesus is by their side regardless of their past. We are blessed!