When I was a little girl, Mom raised me and my siblings on her own for most of our child

hood. She got saved when I was about 3 years old and started attending church

faithfully. God changed her life so dramatically that if you saw her, you would not think

she had been through much.


At 15 years old, she found herself pregnant as a result of an unfortunate situation and contemplated

everything from ending her life to ending mine. She decided to keep me and raise me in

spite of the circumstances. I remember her talking about how she felt during that time- alone,

ashamed, humiliated, dirty, angry, and desperate, not knowing what to do. But she made

the choice to protect the sanctity of life within her. My mother loved me unconditionally.


We, as women, are unique in God’s design. We are special because we were chosen to

develop life within our bodies. We are incubators for the future. Imagine a seed with no

fertile ground to plant it in; how would that seed become what it is meant to be?

We develop future ministers, teachers, builders, lawyers, doctors, nurses, musicians,

mathematicians, many other professions, and legacies that live on way past our life span.

What a wonderful responsibility we have been privileged to carry.


So many precious women and young ladies find themselves in similar situations as my

Mom was; some may have been abused, some may have become expecting and not ready

for a baby, some may be in an abusive relationship and not want that man to father their

child- whatever the situation may be, remember- God loves you and he can turn your hurt

into happiness through the love for a child. You are unique and special to Him. Don’t

allow the devil or society to rob you of your privilege to produce our future and miss out

on one of the best gifts you can imagine!


Psalms 127:3


(This post was submitted by Lisa Bredwell for an anonymous writer who didn’t want to be identified–thank you for reading)–God Bless!