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Oasis Ministries and MDT Church are committed to being a help and encouragement to others. Our goal is to take as many friends, family and foes to heaven with us as we can and encourage brother and sisters along the way.


My “STOCKPILE” --Lisa Bredwell Did you stock up on canned soup, cereal, hand sanitizer, Lysol yet? I’ll be honest. My husband and

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The Junk In My Well

"The Junk In My Well" Pastor has preached at least 3 sermons lately that have been centered around “Going back to the

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!Stupid Jelly Fish Ran Me Off!

You were hurt in church, so you won’t go back. Wait...something doesn’t add up. There’s a problem with your theory.  It doesn’t

!Stupid Jelly Fish Ran Me Off!2019-03-27T19:19:43+00:00

Don’t be a meany!

Sometimes we underestimate the power that lies in simply...being kind. "Your kindness leads me to repentance: is a line in the song

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“My Mom Loved Me”

When I was a little girl, Mom raised me and my siblings on her own for most of our child hood. She

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