My “STOCKPILE” --Lisa Bredwell Did you stock up on canned soup, cereal, hand sanitizer, Lysol yet? I’ll be honest. My husband and

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!Stupid Jelly Fish Ran Me Off!

You were hurt in church, so you won’t go back. Wait...something doesn’t add up. There’s a problem with your theory.  It doesn’t

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“My Mom Loved Me”

When I was a little girl, Mom raised me and my siblings on her own for most of our child hood. She

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Sometimes I walk

"Sometimes I walk" by Pastor Shelia Wynn I was thinking about our Christian journey, and the highs and lows we all

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His Burden Is Light

"Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest

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“It’s None of My Business”

“It’s None of My Business” by Lisa Bredwell Ok. I need to tell you something! You probably will need to brace yourself.

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He’s the Giver of Good Things

"The Lord is good" is a sentiment often followed with, "all the time." This is something we should intuitively know as followers

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Lead by God

I enjoy taking my dog Jacob for walks. It's like our own end of the day adventure. This dog can be so

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Hello, God is Calling

There are many times when we feel that God is not speaking to us. Pastor Anthony Wynn preached a great message on

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